Q: Can I buy tickets on site?

A: Yes, as long at tickets arent sold out. There is a limited number of tickets sold for each half an hour time slot. Please visit our Tickets & Schedule page to check availability. 

Q: How long is the wait time?

A: We use a timed ticketing system to minimize the wait in line. For the shortest wait times, visiting on a Sunday, buying tickets for late September, or buying tickets for early October is your best bet. Please do not arrive before the time slot you have selected when purchasing your ticket, this will only extend your wait time. Purchasing our Fastpass ticket allows you to bypass the normal admission line and descend into The Realm of Darkness quicker. 

Q: Do you have covered/heated waiting?

A: Not only do we have covered and heated waiting for 200+ people, it is also fully indoors in our rocking & scary ballroom. 

Q: Do you have food, drink, and merchandise available?

A: Yes, we have fantastic options for both food and merchandise on site. Be sure to visit our new merchandise area located at the exit of the haunt.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept credit cards, tap to pay, Apple Pay, etc. at our on-site ticket booth.

Q: Is there an age requirement for admittance?

A: Yes, a parent or guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 16. The Realm of Darkness Haunted House is not recommended for children under 12, but you know your child better than we do.

Q: Can we be kicked out?

A: Yes. The Realm of Darkness Haunted House does not allow excessive foul language, unruly behavior, drugs or alcohol, and smoking is only allowed in designated areas on The Realm of Darkness property. Use your head, be respectful of other visitors, and be cool!

Q: Do I get my money back if I don't make it through or I'm too scared to enter?

A: No, there are NO REFUNDS once you purchase a ticket.

Q: How can I get a job at The Realm of Darkness?

A: Please visit our JOIN THE TEAM page.

Q: Should we enter if we have any health conditions including pregnancy?

A: We do not recommend pregnant women go through the haunted house. We suggest you speak with you OBGYN/physician to discuss the situation. No toddlers or infants will be allowed entry. This attraction is not recommended for visitors who have back problems, heart conditions, are prone to seizures  or are in general poor health. We reserve the right to determine if you are not allowed in for safety reasons.

Q: Is it scary?

A: Its a haunted house filled with some of the best interactive sets and actors across the state, of course its scary.